Our Services

Development Economics & Finance

We work with low and middle income African sovereign and sub-sovereign entities to evaluate their optimum growth prospects with a view to identifying gaps and constraints, and develop appropriate strategies to overcome the constraints to achieve sustainable growth. Leveraging our expansive network, we explore and identify suitable development financing from multilateral, bilateral, private sector agencies and capital markets for the benefit of our client countries.

International Economic Relations

We understand the subtleties of international advocacy needed to facilitate international collaboration and economic convergence to the advantage of low and middle income countries. We deploy our services in catalyzing and stimulating the required economic relationships between our client countries and favourably disposed developed economies for their mutual benefit and goal attainment.


We provide advisory, technical or project management support for such projects as roads, bridges, railway, waterways, seaports & aviation for client countries. We understand that efficient intermodal transport systems impact in no small measure the quality of life of a people – from creating access to markets for produce to the establishment of new cities and enhanced regional integration.

National Planning & Implementation

The Firm draws from the depth of knowledge and experience of its resource people and professionals to assist the relevant agencies of client countries to draw up or sharpen short, medium and long-term national (and implementation) plans that are welJ articulated and complementary to the overarching national economic vision of the client country.
The attainment of national economic and developmental goals begin with the articulation of such plans and well thought through implementation strategies. National planning and/or implementation can be daunting as delivering certain economic objectives can sometimes jeopardize the attainment of another equally desirable macroeconomic objective. Maintaining the delicate balance between monetary and fiscal policies that will support the desired outcome sometimes requires the right professional support.

Private Sector Participation & Privatisation

Our team of professionals will work with relevant government agencies and departments to design suitable Public Private Partnership and Privatisation frameworks that will enhance participation and growth for different focus sectors of the client country. The enormous level of investments needed annually by developing African countries to close infrastructure gaps and persistent general inefficiencies across several public institutions and utilities are reminders to their governments of the need to develop working relationships and alliances with the private sector if significant growth are to be recorded within reasonable timeframes. We have strong and deep understanding of various models and frameworks for private sector engagement and participation in developmental projects and social infrastructure.


We deploy our expertise as an advisory, catalyst and advocacy group to identify development finance institutions, donor agencies, bilateral & multi-lateral organizations, relevant agencies of developed countries to channel funds to address core infrastructure needs of client countries. We provide technical assistance ranging from pre-engineering to detailed engineering and designing administrative structures and private sector participation frameworks to aid the attraction of funding from the relevant institution(s), our range of competencies will be deployed to achieve the desired results in the following sectors:

Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning

Our Firm has a network of multidisciplinary professionals in the fields of Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning who have extensive global experience to bring to bear in assisting client countries. The planning and design of new settlement schemes, modern cities to address housing deficit in Africa; development of industrial parks etc require proper consideration of a broad spectrum of factors both influencing and affecting the host country. Furthermore, some of these factors may have other ramifications such as security, climate, topography and vegetation amongst others.


We support client countries to design and implement best-fit Hydro, Solar, Wind, Biomass and Oil & Gas solutions to address its energy needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This is pertinent as the predominant amount of the infrastructure deficit in Africa is energy related and deploying electricity solutions on the continent is generally considered to cost twice as much than anywhere else.

Water Resources & Hydraulics

We provide Design, Project Management, Construction, Maintenance and Fund Sourcing Services in the area of Integrated Water Resources Management, Water Supply, Waste Water & Sanitation, Dams & Irrigation Infrastructure for Environmental Health, Water & Food Securities in the client country and its riparian countries.

and more...

We deliver operational efficiency enhancement and reduced maintenance costs to client countries where we have assigned utilities, either through outright outsourcing or management contracting. The value that can be created through private sector driven utility management for African countries is ubiquitously evident on the continent.

Our team of experts will design and implement knowledge and skill transfer initiatives that will ensure in-country presence of requisite competence. The primary driver and executor of economic reform programmes and initiatives is the human resource. Consequently, to achieve any meaningful milestone, the optimum potentials of human ability, skill and competences must be honed to deliver superior output.

Our dynamic resource persons will work with the government of client countries to build sound institutional arrangements across various sectors while developing enduring processes and procedures. Strong institutions are required on the African continent for any economic development successes achieved to be sustained and firmly rooted.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide independent monitoring and evaluation services using international leading practices and methodologies. Our approach provides valuable guide and input in the development of subsequent relevant government policies and frameworks.

Objectivity in the monitoring and performance measurement of public expenditure in deploying social assets and benefits to the public in general and specific economic development programmes is critical in identifying successful policies and areas for improvement.